Hilti  eB2B solution will help you simplify how you deal with Hilti


Automate your purchase-to-pay process with Hilti

eB2B incorporates Hilti product and pricing data in your procurement environment, helping to simplify and automate how you deal with Hilti.

Do you want greater efficiency throughout your procure-to-pay processes? Do you want to avoid duplication of effort? Do you also want increased transparency and control over your spend? Then Hilti E-Procurement is exactly what you need! 

We can help you find the best solution based on your requirements. We will help you implement the solution and show you how to get the most out of it. 


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How eB2B helps you

Having trouble finding product and pricing data? Is the ordering process inefficient? Does the invoice-matching process give you headaches? See how we’ve helped other companies overcome these issues. 

Increased efficiency

“E-invoicing eliminates the need for paper invoices and reduces the payment lead time."

Placing a manual order costs twice as much as an electronic order and it takes three times as long. Speed up your order lifecycle and save money. 


Stan Dudka, Associate Merchant – Tool Rental, Home Depot 


“The e-catalogue on Ariba makes it easy to browse through Hilti’s product range and gain price transparency.”

Access your individual pricing and product information in real time and have better control over your spending. 


Barbara Peek, Manager of Supplier Relationships, Procurement Services, Rollins Inc. 


Book a consultation with your local eB2B expert or take a look at the videos to learn more about our solutions.  

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How to make procurement more transparent

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How to make procurement more efficient

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