HIlti's cordless PMD 200 laser tool provides the ideal bridge between analogue and digital layout.

Drywall layout made easier

Take your measuring tasks to a new level with the PMD 200

Give your business a productivity boost with Hilti’s cordless PMD 200 laser layout tool. Robust and easy to operate, it hands you the power to carry out accurate measuring tasks with ease; whether it's precise layout of square, curved or angled drywall track, complex ceiling plan geometries or overhead light locations. 

The PMD 200 enables one-person operation of a wide range of interior layout tasks.

Save labour on the jobsite

Maximise productivity using solo operators with the PMD 200

If your crew is still marking out reference positions manually or by combining traditional techniques with a line laser, you’ll know layout can be a labour-intensive process that involves teams of two people. In fact, with construction schedules getting tighter, measuring tasks can take up valuable time.

But with Hilti’s PMD 200, just one person can mark out layout points on the jobsite — even when it comes to more complex shapes. This means a second crew member is freed up for other tasks: a real plus when you are pushing to complete projects on time and within budget.

The PMD 200 layout tool provides highly accurate measuring saving you rework costs.

MINIMISE rework costs

Making accuracy easier than ever

By partnering with Hilti and using our PMD 200 solution for your interior finishing layout tasks, you can minimize errors caused by manual measuring, thus reducing costly rework. In short, the PMD 200 makes accurate measuring easier than ever before.

What’s more, the PMD 200 is versatile enough to help you transfer complex designs involving arcs, angles and other decorative elements from paper to reality, enabling you to take on a greater range of projects than ever before.

Use of the PMD 200 layout tool requires only minimal training.

An easy-to-use layout solution

Get up and running quickly with the PMD 200

Operated with a large 10-inch touchscreen controller, the PMD 200 has an intuitive interface and requires minimal training. It provides the ideal bridge between analogue and digital layout: you get all the labour-saving benefits of a 2D layout laser tool without having to handle or prepare digital plan data.

At the same time, you will receive ongoing technical and training support from Hilti, along with our top-of-the-range tool repair and tool calibration services as we work together to grow your business.

HIlti's PMD 200 layout tool is part of a comprehensive cordless range offering maximum flexibility and reliabiltiy.

Go Cordless

Work with minimal interruptions and maximum flexibility

The PMD 200 has a 12-volt battery that allows for a minimum eight hours of continuous operation. It is part of Hilti’s ever-growing range of cordless products designed to allow you to keep working in a flexible manner with as few breaks as possible.

From cutting and drilling to sawing and grinding, our innovative cordless tools continuously delivers maximum performance for every application while helping ensure safety on the jobsite.

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