Our advanced layout solutions are easy-to-use and increase productivity

Advanced layout has never been easier with the new Hilti PLT 300 robotic Total Station. At the touch of a button, everyday layout applications can be completed quickly and efficiently by just one person. 

Hilti layout solutions for more productivity on the jobiste

Robotic total stations such as the PLT 300 layout tool have turned the slow and error-prone two-person task of laying out formwork, anchor points, slopes or interior partitions into a routine job for a single worker. 

With the PLT 300, manual levelling is now a task of the past, and the new Hilti Auto-stationing technology allows for easy automatic station set-up. Best of all, layout and recording of jobsite information will seem simple, with video assisted positioning technology and a highly visible green beam laser.

Save time

Waste no more time preparing data

This is where our advanced layout solutions come in. Easy to use, the PLC 400 tablet with Hilti construction layout software is specifically designed for use with the PLT 300 layout tool. This tablet is also interoperable with major software packages creating a seamless layout process as file preparation and point creation is no longer necessary.

Layout more points per day

And what about saving time when in the field? Using traditional methods, two trained workers can layout up to 100 points per day. With our advanced layout solution, consisting of the PLT 300 layout tool and the PLC 400 tablet with Hilti construction layout software, this number jumps to 500 points with just a single worker. Take a look at the video below to see our solution in action, or contact your account manager today to arrange a demo.

Why choose a digital layout tool?

Learn how the PLT 300 makes you more productive on the jobsite

Technology designed for everyone in construction

Our Hilti construction layout software, with the PLC 400 tablet is part of our comprehensive range of measuring systems.

Our advanced layout solutions vary between the range of simpler, pocket-sized laser range meters and the more sophisticated robotic total stations. Our PLT 300 offers the best of both worlds: the speed and ease of a laser range meter combined with the automation and accuracy of a total station. Watch the video below to see how technology is changing on-site layout work.

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