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Tool tracking and asset management in the palm of your hand

Hilti's ON!Track solution was specifically designed to help solve problems related to managing your assets, services, workers, and safety certifications.

Recent events have forced contractors to reevaluate current processes and procedures. A key area many companies are turning to is digital asset management.

Utilising a dedicated asset management software to control things like tools, equipment and jobsite materials, ON!Track provides instant clarity and efficiency to your business, and help reduce operational and overhead costs. We worked with and listened to the construction industry community to identify eight key areas of focus, outlined below, to maximise efficiency and reduce excess spend.

Power your business with ON!Track 3.0

Designed to help make it easier to manage your business, your tools, and your jobsites, ON!Track 3.0 was rebuilt and reimagined based on customer feedback to deliver a significantly improved user experience plus several new features to help further boost productivity.

Providing a more user friendly experience, faster performance, and expanded coverage across your business processes, ON!Track 3.0 keeps you more connected with Hilti's unique Internet of Things (IoT) platform. 

Proactive Tracking Gateways

Quickly check your inventory and track your tools and equipment with Proactive Tracking Gateways

Watch a video about Proactive Tracking Gateways

Asset Management

All serialised and non-serialised items can be managed at your fingertips

Tool Park Optimisation

Optimise your tool park with data driven insights developed to maximise your productivity

Asset Cost Management

Manage your jobsite asset costs with cost reporting you can customise by specific asset, jobsite and time period

Record Management

Access service/maintenance and certification records. Also, set alerts to help you stay compliant

Active Tracking

Bluetooth tags deliver transparency on how, when, and where your assets are used

Software Integration

Integrate the ERP software you already use with ON!Track to exchange data via our public interfaces

Cloud Connection

Your assets and usage detail are connected to the cloud so you can access the information from anywhere

What you can track

tracking tools with ON!Track


  • Location of your tools
  • Who's using your tools
  • When tools go missing - reduce downtime
  • Lessen hoarding
  • Lower the risk of theft
track commodities with ON!Track


  • Track lower valued items in an economical way
  • Full transparency into quantity levels and material locations
  • Reduce waste and lost materials through accountability
tracking consumables with ON!Track


  • Maintain optimal inventory levels
  • Receive alerts when it’s time to reorder
  • Generate reports to monitor usage by person or location
manage training and certification with ON!Track

Certification & training

  • Help keep your teams safe by digitally maintaining safety certifications
  • Receive alerts for training and certification renewal dates
  • Efficiently manage certification documents for inspector requests
receive service alerts with ON!Track

Service maintenance

  • Receive alerts for service and preventative maintenance
  • Perform and close maintenance and calibration activities
  • Identify who performed the work and when
  • Track costs to know what should be repaired or replaced
manage rental equipment with ON!Track

Rental equipment

  • Receive alerts for rental return dates based on project timelines
  • See who the equipment is assigned to, and who needs to be contacted to initiate returns
  • Run reports to track rental usage and make purchasing decisions
track safety equipment with ON!Track

Safety equipment

  • Receive alerts when items need to be cycled out of inventory
  • Receive alerts when safety items need to be reordered
  • Track service and maintenance work on safety equipment
manage reporting with ON!Track


  • Monitor jobsite consumable usage for cost allocation and estimating
  • Track asset history (location, maintenance, employee usage)
  • Generate employee certification reports (who has specific certifications, which employees have expiration dates coming soon)
  • Big data analytics to stay informed about your business

How you can track tools and assets


3d rendering of isolated devices with responsive website design. All screen graphics are made up.

Cloud-based platform

Users can access the ON!Track platform from any web-enabled device. 

Monthly software fees is determined by the number of modules customers opt for basis business need, and the subscription includes an unlimited number of assets and users.

Access rights can be designed and assigned to different users based on employee roles and responsibilities

ON!Track 3.0 Login ON!Track release notes
track tools on the go with the ON!Track app

Track tools on the go

Keep track of your tools from anywhere with the ON!Track mobile app, designed for specific needs on the jobsite.

The mobile app brings visibility and accountability to your entire fleet of tools and assets.

Download ON!Track 3.0 from the App Store Download ON!Track 3.0 from Google Play

Tracking Hardware

bluetooth tracking tag for ON!Track

Bluetooth enabled sensor tag: AI T320

NEW – Smarter, smaller, and a longer battery life, this next generation sensor tag identifies underutilised tools so you can get them where you need them.

Purchase AI T320 bluetooth sensor tags
AI L5 tracking tag

Adhesive tags: AI L2 & AI L5 Smart Tags

L2 and L5 pressure activated adhesive tags are great for most assets, as well as consumable and commodity items.

Purchase AI L2 & AI L5 adhesive tags
AIT35 hanging tag

Hanger tags: AI T35-H smart tags

Durable aluminum tag, highly resistant to mechanical impact and abrasion for fast and reliable identification, equipped with metal wire for easy asset attachment.

Purchase AI T35-H smart hanger tags
AI T43-P metal plate tag

Metal plate tags: AI T43-P smart tag

Compact and durable stainless steel plate with versatile attachment options.

Purchase AI T43-P smart metal plate tags

ON!Track gateway AI G125

Live inventory monitoring – 24/7 detection of all tagged tools and equipment with instant updates

Smart inventory checks – view the contents of your warehouses, containers or unmanned storage locations from any device with an internet connection. You can schedule inventory checks based on your business needs

Unexpected removal alerts – the ON!Track software can alert you instantly when equipment is removed unexpectedly or has not been detected by a gateway within a specified time limit

More accurate tool tracking – by digitising your asset tracking and monitoring, you remove scope for human error or inconsistencies

Improve efficiency on your jobsites – ON!Track shows you in real time where your tools are located, so you can spend less time searching and more time being productive

Versatile – the gateway can scan for any tools and equipment fitted with an ON!Track Active Tag Bluetooth® tracking device

What our customers say

Feedback from other construction professionals

Our customers partner with Hilti to build a solution suited to their tool tracking and asset management needs.

"The system is very easy to use; no more paper trails. I don't have to remember where equipment is or who moved it ... All superintendents are using the system with ease. I'm so glad our owner invested his time and money into this great system."

Dave Sumner, Warehouse Manager
Seretta Construction

"We had tried another scan tracking system and it was a miserable failure ... Hilti showed us a great implementation by coming out and training and implementing the program with us."

Mike Moore, President
ADEP Group

"I have been and continue to be a big believer in ON!Track... The patience with teaching our staff, working through procedures and flow with me made this integration a massive success."

Vincent Chiappone, CPO
Renu Contracting and Restoration

ON!Track resources

Service and Support

ON!track service


Hilti provides professional on-site service and ongoing support.

Our consultants analyse your business processes and configure a customised solution for your business to help increase productivity and efficiency. 

Request a consultation
two Hilti employees help a customer with a cordless hammer drill


We deploy a dedicated implementation team to tag and count your assets and upload them to your system so you and your teams can stay focused on other projects and business needs. 

The Hilti team can also assign service and maintenance needs to your assets, as well as upload employee certification and training information.

Our goal is to deliver you a tailor made system that is ready to go on your first day of use.

a Hilti customer service team member talks to a customer over the phone

Customer Care

Support does not end after implementation. Our dedicated support team is there to respond to immediate customer questions and support needs. 

Our specialised field team members are also available for on-site training and support.

Call us: 0800 444 584 Email us

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