Gas-powered insulation fastening: get up to speed!

With the GX-IE fastening tool, you get speed and simplicity straight out of the box. See how to install insulation more quickly and economically than ever.

GX-IE gas powered insulation fastening

We hear it on jobsites all the time: the days of installing insulation with drilling and fixing, stick pins or glue are numbered. With the release of the GX-IE gas-actuated insulation fastening tool, it just got even harder to keep using these other slow, fussy methods.

The GX-IE is powered by a gas can and a standard Hilti 12V rechargeable battery. In short, this means far less time lost to re-loading and maintenance. You get over 800 fastenings from each gas can, while the battery lasts for 5000 after just 30 minutes of charging. When you consider that you need around five fasteners per insulation board (depending on the size and type), the GX-IE equips you to get very large areas done without interruption. 


We have designed the GX-IE to be more productive, economical and lower maintenance than any insulation fastening method you have used before. Gas-powered insulation fastening is quicker than gluing or stick pins and cleaner than drilling and fixing. This speed and convenience do not come at the expense of versatility – the GX-IE can be used for any insulation type from mineral wool and EPS to PUR, PIR and XPS boards up to 200 mm thick.

Soft to medium-tough concrete and masonry are the ideal substrates for this system. Only for the toughest concrete or steel and ETICS insulation do you need the extra power you can only get from powder-actuated systems. Except for these specific applications, the GX-IE can be your go-to fastener for ceiling, LVF and perimeter wall insulation.

Speed and simplicity in action

If you are already familiar with time-tested methods, especially drilling and fixing, the giant leap in productivity you get with direct fastening has to be seen to be believed. This candid video pits drilling and fixing against the GX-IE gas-powered fastener in a race to install one installation board. A simple side-by-side comparison shows how enormous the labor savings can be with direct fastening.

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One fastener for all insulation types – introducing the X-IE-G

X-IE-G insulation fastener for gas-actuated tools

The X-IE-G is the latest addition to Hilti’s comprehensive range of high-performance insulation fasteners. Just like its powder-actuated counterparts, the X-IE-G has been engineered for maximum thermal efficiency and an unbeatable stick rate. The fastener's high thermal efficiency is achieved without sealing caps, which saves time lost to manually closing every fastener and keeps the installation process simple. A premium nail is used to give the fastener a sturdier and more reliable hold. It also works with all insulation types, in thicknesses from 25-200 mm.

Fastening insulation is as simple as sliding the fastener onto the GX-IE’s nosepiece, sliding the nosepiece into the insulation and then pulling the trigger. It is a rapid, intuitive and virtually fail-safe method which preserves the integrity of the insulation. 

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