From gas or alternative fastening methods

Battery-powered fastening to concrete is designed to be cleaner, quieter and more hassle-free than any nailer you've used before

BX 3 battery driven fastening tool
Our cost per fixing point has reduced

In 2015, we launched another game-changer for the construction industry – the Hilti BX 3 – the world’s first battery-powered fastening (BX) system for concrete and steel. Now with release of the second generation of the tool, battery-powered fastening to concrete is designed to be cleaner, quieter and more hassle-free than any nailer you have used before.

With these productivity gains in mind, our ambition is to make battery-powered fastening the global standard, for all trades. BX tools enable everyone currently using powder, gas or alternative methods, to Make the Switch!


BX 3 is combustion-free (no powder or gas) and entirely powered by your existing 22V Li-ion batteries. All the power you need, with none of the hassle of ordering, delivering and disposing of gas cans on-site. Plus, with lower recoil, lower noise and fewer nail jams, you’ll be even more productive.

One battery, for all your tools – even your nailer.

For installers using traditional methods - like screw and stud anchors - BX 3 is the nailer of choice for high-speed and high-comfort fastenings.


Make it fast!

Speed matters.

That’s why we have designed the tools to match the natural speed and rhythm needed for your application.

For example, the BX 3 02 nailer is optimised for Interior Finishing trades and capable of making one fastening per second, allowing you to power through projects like drywall installation.

Make it virtually maintenance-free!

With no gas cans to change and no residue to clean, the BX 3 is practically maintenance- and hassle-free.

So, you can bin the cleaning kits, sprays, lubricants and accessories.

Make it comfy!

Low noise, low vibration, virtually no dust – the BX 3 is the nailer of choice for high-speed, high-comfort fastening.

As comfortable as a flat white.


Our second generation BX 3 joins the growing number of Hilti tools that talk to you. Using the tool’s built-in Bluetooth technology and our Hilti Connect App, you can track the number of fastenings, watch how-to videos and even arrange a service or repair directly on the jobsite. What’s more, the new nail refill indicator on the BX 3-IF (Interior Finishing tool), tells you when you are running low on nails.

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