Different Hilti cordless tools being used in three different applications

Nuron is the one platform you need

It's time to uncompromise and meet the needs of even the most demanding applications

Enhance your workflow with Nuron, an all new innovation that tackles health & safety challenges, streamlining tool cribs with intelligence to collect data and make informed decisions. All this on one 22v cordless battery platform that replaces corded and gas powered tools with performance without compromise.

Meet the challenges of the demanding jobsite

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Nuron is the latest addition to Hilti's end-to-end solutions for faster workflows and increase productivity

Staying productive isn’t always easy. Unplanned costs, inefficient processes, health & safety issues and shortage of skilled labor can all lead to project delays. Outdated methods and equipment could be holding you back from meeting project deadlines and taking on more work. 

Nuron reinvents how construction professionals work daily on jobsites, tackle health & safety challenges, and manage businesses productively, giving you the power and confidence of being safer, smarter, and more efficient.

Combined with Hilti's full end-to-end solutions, from software, product and services, you can be confident of meeting project deadlines without compromise.


How the Nuron cordless platform can help your business

Single platform convenience

Power around 70 tools on the same high-performing 22V Nuron platform – compatible from drill drivers to demolition hammers.

More work-per-charge

Get more run time for all your tools on a 22V platform that can deliver more power than corded or gas.

Reduce downtime

Built-in battery diagnostics alert you on battery state of health while data-driven services help simplify tool crib management.

Protect your teams

Safety solutions range from dust control systems to built-in technologies that help prevent angle grinder kickback.

Speed up workflow productivity with Nuron

No matter the trade or application, we have the solution to help improve your workflow

Click on the download links below to find out how Hilti can improve your workflow productivity.

Building Construction


  • Rebar
  • Concrete breaking
  • Baseplate
Download now

Interior Finishing


  • Drywall
Download now



  • Overhead mechanical installation
Download now

Steel & Metal


  • Baseplate
  • Steel fabrication
Download now

Overcome jobsite challenges

Hilti battery on cordless tool, gloved hand moves the tool's dial

Start with a productivity consultation

Through a Productivity Consultation, Hilti experts will examine your tool utilisation, applications and processes together with your team so that we can identify opportunities for productivity gains and maximise profits. 

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Switch to Nuron

Hilti charger charges a battery on a job site

Over 70 tools for all applications

From drill drivers to demolotion hammers, there is a Nuron tool to meet your application. Experience the power of corded and gas tools with twice the run time of our existing 22v platform.

Explore the Nuron cordless range

Read these whitepaper to know more about data management and equipment as a service

Big data, not bigger batteries

How IoT on cordless tools can drive productivity into the future

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Equipment as a service

It's like software as a service (SaaS), but for tools

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