Nuron keeps you connected to your tools

Simplifying asset management with a new battery platform that feeds you with the right information


Through a Productivity Consultation, Hilti experts will examine your tool utilisation, applications and processes together with your team so that we can identify opportunities for productivity gains and maximise profits. 

Combining our innovative Nuron technology with best-in-class services, we will share with you how Nuron can streamline your business with safe & reliable, high-performing tools that provides real time data for your analysis. 

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Asset Inventory

We assess the number and condition of the tools you have onsite, in vehicles and in your warehouse

Cost of Ownership

We uncover the hidden costs caused by repairs, lost or  stolen tools, administration, downtime etc.

Process Mapping

We identify opportunities to streamline your processes for managing materials, people, tools & certificates

Tools Utilisation Analysis

We monitor tool productivity and compare with potential alternatives

Productivity Report

We give you transparency on productivity gains and cost savings with advice on the most effective way to manage your assets and safety compliance

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Watch this video to understand how our tool park management solutions help you drive your productivity forward with increased execution speed while lowering overall cost.

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Data Driven Services

High administrative overheads and lack of transparency about existing or required operating resources cost time and reduce your productivity. With Nuron, you'll always keep track of your assets. For this purpose, data on utilisation and performance are stored on the batteries and transmitted to the cloud during the charging process. This means you can make decisions about asset optimisation at any time.




Battery power state

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Nuron chargers capture battery and device data for more transparency

Nuron batteries and devices are connected to the Hilti cloud via the IoT. Sensors in our devices and batteries automatically capture information about location, utilisation, usage and faults, as well as the power status in Nuron batteries.

During each charge, the batteries transmit this information to the chargers and automatically transfer it to the Hilti cloud. This allows you to analyse the latest information at any time, to discover unused resources.

A Hilti employee demonstrates the Nuron services to a customer using the BX 3-22 charger base

Better overview, better inventory

The 22v battery system provides you with more data about your tools. This includes performance status of batteries and info on tools which are not in use, so you always have an overview of your devices and can easily optimise your tool park. The result is fewer unnecessary purchases, predictive repairs and a fleet of equipment that aligns perfectly with your projects.



With more than 75 years of industry expertise, Hilti has developed solutions that help address 5 out of 7 areas that can boost productivity in construction. We have consolidated our approach in Productivity consultation - a 5-step process that offers a comprehensive analysis of areas of inefficiencies in our customers’ business and outlines a solution to optimize and streamline their tool park and processes.  

Hilti experts examine tool utilization, applications and processes together with you and your team. We will work with different stakeholders in your warehouse, offices and jobsites to identify opportunities to gain efficiencies, improve productivity and ultimately maximize profits for your business.

Our experts will also share with you our safety innovations ranging from tools featuring Active Vibration Reduction (AVR) to reduce hand–arm vibration and Active Torque Control (ATC) technology to help prevent power tool kickback. All our solutions are designed to help your teams work more safely and comfortably and assist your company in designing buildings that are safer, more durable and resilient.

Testimonial from the Managing Director of Polyseal Group

We decided to engage Hilti for consultation services after identifying multiple challenges with physical asset management across our projects. Our Account Manager Connie, and her team of specialists, came in and spent time with multiple internal stakeholders across several locations to really understand our unique business situation. They then presented us with very clear and specific strategies and solutions that addressed our requirements. We are really happy with this service and are particularly impressed with the ongoing support from the Hilti Team!

Graham Athanaseris
Managing Director

Customer testimonial using engaging Hilti productivity consultation

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