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For tradies, there's no getting around the fact that tools and other items of construction equipment are completely invaluable. We all know the potential side effects that can come from even just a few days without access to a key tool, but just as important to avoid are the costs that can come with having repair work carried out. These costs can quickly pile up, especially if your fleet of equipment is older and more heavily used than you'd like it to be.

To make sure that you don't have to fork out your hard earned cash for repairs, it's crucial to purchase tools with a comprehensive warranty. This is easier said than done, though. What are the key parts of a warranty to look for when selecting equipment? What are your options when the warranty period has expired? And is it possible to avoid repair costs all together? In this article, we'll answer all of these questions and more. Let's dive into it.

What is a good professional power tool warranty?

You'll want to look very carefully at the content of the warranty, which covers all aspects of repair and replacement.

First and foremost, you'll want to look very carefully at the content of the warranty, which covers all aspects of repair and replacement.

While a long warranty may seem enticing, this shouldn’t be at the expense of an easy claims process, and peace of mind that repairs will be carried out to a high standard. A good warranty should always include labour, pick-up and delivery as well as cover for any other associated fees.

Most brands will only offer a manufacturer's warranty. This covers any faulty workmanship or materials used in a tool's construction, which may not cause problems until after the warranty period has elapsed. 

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Why choose a Hilti tool warranty?

When designing the warranties that come with Hilti tools and equipment, we looked very carefully at the different elements we've touched on in this article, and came up with a way to provide the very best security for Australian tradies. 

Our warranties offer a unique wear and tear coverage for most tools over two years from the date of purchase, and the free repairs during this time include:

  • Tool pick-up and delivery.
  • Labour.
  • Replacement or repair of all defective parts - including parts that have experienced normal wear and tear.
  • Servicing when the tool's service indicator light comes on.
  • Comprehensive check of the tool after repair.

We’ve also done away with the need to hold onto receipts in order to make a claim. Instead, we keep records of the serial number and purchaser of each tool, in order to quickly verify ownership and expedite the repair process.

After the free wear and tear period has expired, we provide cap on repair costs for the lifetime of each tool. This cap is set at 30 per cent of the tool’s purchase price, and means that even if you need a tool serviced after the wear and tear period has expired, you'll always have an idea of the maximum fee you'll have to pay. Additionally, to show you how confident we are in the quality of our equipment, every Hilti tool comes with a 20 year manufacturer's warranty that covers repair or replacement of any tools that break down as a result of workmanship or materials.

As well as the comprehensiveness of our warranty, Hilti's experienced technicians carry out all repairs in-house, using only Hilti replacement parts. This provides tradies with the security that each repair is carried out to the very highest of standards. Even after the wear and tear period, you'll be given three months of free servicing from the date of your most recent paid repair.

What's the best way to avoid repair costs completely?

Fleet Management protects against issues that aren't covered by traditional warranties.

An ideal alternative to purchasing tools is Hilti's Fleet Management service. This completely eliminates the need for tool repairs, and instead you'll pay a monthly fee to use the exact items that you need for the term of the lease. If one of your tools does break down, we'll arrange a hired replacement on loan while the original is repaired. This means that you won't have to suspend work while waiting for a tool to be fixed, allowing you to complete projects efficiently and on time. Fleet Management also offers protection against issues that aren't covered by traditional warranties. For example, if a tool is stolen you can still get a replacement quickly. 


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