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Every tradie knows the inconvenience of a broken, damaged or malfunctioning tool. Not having the necessary equipment on hand is a real pain, but the side effects can be far more serious than simply being unable to complete a job on time. The knock-on delay can easily affect the next few projects - resulting in lost work.

To make sure that your chances of losing work are as small as possible, it pays to get tools repaired quickly. You'll also want to make sure that the service is carried out to the very highest standards. There's no point getting your tool back fast if it then fails again in the following weeks. In this article, we'll explore a few common aspects of traditional tool maintenance, and discuss how Hilti's tool repair service improves on this formula to keep you working.

The problem with traditional tool repairs

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Most power tool manufacturers don't offer a repair service themselves, and instead there are third party agents that carry out any necessary work. This can be good in terms of speed, but it isn't always possible to guarantee a high level of consistency, or the exactly spare parts needed for a particular tool. Similarly, technical or highly specific tools may not have been seen by these third parties with much regularity, which can add time to the process. Finally, many agents will also ask for a receipt before repairing the tool, which can add even more time to the process.

Tradies are busy people, and even a few hours spent away from the job site dropping off and picking up tools has an impact on the amount of work that can be completed. In worst-case scenarios, this may even mean work needs to be pushed back, causing the delay from a broken tool to snowball into a serious problem. 

This ties back to the need for a guarantee that you'll be looked after if tools fail repeatedly, which many repair agents aren't able to provide if they’re simply swapping out a faulty part. When the Hilti team repairs equipment, we conduct a comprehensive check and fix all faults to return the tool to as close as possible to original condition.

There's also an issue of cost with work carried out by technicians who aren't bound by the warranty of a tool. Even if the malfunction is caused by a manufacturing error, tradies will likely have to pay the same price as any other repair if the original warranty has expired. 

A mobile repair solution

Hilti's experienced technicians carry out all repair work themselves, with no outsourcing to third parties.

The team at Hilti understand all of these different issues faced by tradies who need a tool fixed. That's why we've designed our mobile repair service to be as complete as possible and offer peace of mind that any projects you're working on will be able to continue without a long delay. The first thing that makes our service particularly helpful is that we'll send a courier to your job site and pick up the tool. Once the repairs have been carried out, it will be returned to you directly to ensure you can get right back to work. To keep the process quick and easy, there’s no need to hold onto your receipt either, as we keep a record of all serial numbers and owners.

In terms of how the tool is serviced, Hilti's experienced technicians carry out all repair work themselves, with no outsourcing to third parties. Our team knows each item of equipment inside out, so you can rest easy knowing that if you do experience a problem with one of your tools, we'll know exactly how to fix it. We also use exclusively Hilti spare parts, so there's never any issue with whether or not a replacement will compromise the tool's overall performance, which can't be guaranteed by other brands.

There are few things more frustrating than a tool that continually breaks down after being repaired. If this happens, you may be in line for several repair payments, which simply isn't fair. With Hilti’s service, if a tool breaks down within three months of a paid repair, the service is completely free, including the costs of pick-up, delivery and parts replacement.

How much do tool repairs cost?

You might be thinking that such a comprehensive tool repair service will come at a high cost, but Hilti's extensive warranties mean that servicing typically won't cost you anywhere near as much as it would from other providers.

Off the bat, your first two years of owning a tool are completely covered by free repair - including all associated costs. At the end of this time period, repairs will invoke costs, but the amount to pay is capped for the remaining lifetime of the tool. This means that even if a piece of equipment suffers a lot of damage or fails multiple times, you won't have to pay repeatedly high costs to carry on with your work. Of course, to limit the chances of certain pieces of laser equipment needing to be fixed in the first place, you can book in laser calibration services with Hilti to make sure everything is working as it should be.

The Hilti repair process is designed to be as simple as possible, saving you time, which as we all know is incredibly valuable on the job site. Because each tool is registered when you buy it, there's no need to provide a proof of purchase to secure your repair service. Simply call, email or go online, and our trusted couriers will be there soon to pick up the faulty tool and get it to our technicians.

For more information on the mobile repair service, reach out to your local Hilti team.

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