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Hilti's smallest laser range meter

Compact laser range meter with excellent accuracy

The new PD-S fits in every pocket and gives you quick and accurate measurements from a few millimeters up to 60 meters.


Compact and highly accurate

  • Measuring results are highly accurate when measuring several times (Accuracy ±1.5mm)
  • With dimensions of 116 x 37 x 23 mm the PD-S fits in every pocket. 


PD-S 距離計 用途 高所への計測

Measure heights

PD-S 距離計 用途 長距離の測定

Measure distances

PD-S 距離計 用途 面積の測定

Measure a specific area

PD-S 距離計 用途 細かい計測

Detailed measurement

レーザーグラス PP EY-GU R (赤)

Want to make measuring even easier?

Get a pair of our laser visibility glasses

Our PP EY-GU R visibility glasses protect your eyes while you measure on the jobiste.

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