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For drilling in concrete and masonry

Coring innovation at its finest!

Innovation is more than just a buzz word at Hilti, it’s at the heart of everything we do.

With substantial investment in research, development and production in our own plants, we have established ourselves as the leader in diamond core bit innovation for over 30 years. All this means our new range of core bits are the most robust, comprehensive and of the highest quality we’ve ever made.

No matter the tool, base material or application, we have the core bit that will get the job done.

Discover our innovations

Core bits



Our new core bits with Equidist segments deliver a very high drilling speed, and excel in challenging base materials like abrasive concrete with high rebar content.

With the Equidist core bits you'll always get the job done, even in the toughest conditions.


Equidist segment of Hilti diamond core bit

We've precisely positioned our high quality diamonds for very fast drilling speeds and great universality in both concrete and masonry.

Equidist segment of Hilti diamond core bit

The new segment geometry optimises the number of exposed diamonds for greater performance, even in the most challenging concrete.

Equidist segment of Hilti diamond core bit

Laser-welded, pre-sharpened segments offer maximum ruggedness and smooth, accurate hole starting.


Lift your productivity to a new level

Hilti diamond core bit with x-change module
1 / 4
Exchange the tip yourself

Switch between concrete and masonry modules to benefit from the best coring performance no matter the application. When a module is worn, simply replace it with a new one.

Hilti diamond core bit with x-change module
2 / 4
Easily remove a stuck core bit

When the core bit is stuck in the concrete, rotate the barrel to detach it from the X-Change module and back it out of the hole.

Hilti diamond core bit with easy removal of stuck core
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Easy core removal

Easily slide out a stuck core by removing the X-Change module.

Hilti soft bag with x-change modules
4 / 4
Less space and weight

Get rid of weight and volume in your core bit stock and increase your mobility on the jobsite by replacing full core bits with one barrel and a few X-Change modules.

3/ QUICK release connection end

x-cm, diamond core bit connection, easy core bit connection, exchange module SP/SPX

The fastest and easiest way to connect and disconnect your core bits from your tool is with a click - no need to wrestle with a wrench!  

Simple core bit selection

Core bits

We've colour coded our new core bits to make it really easy to select the right core bit for your application. Simply look for little coloured dot on the tip of the core bit to make sure it's the one you need. Orange for masonry, grey for concrete and green for abrasive concrete.

If you prefer to use traditional core bits, you can still take advantage of our Equidist technology by selecting the black line of core bits which are also available for all base materials.  

Diamond coring, diamond drilling, core bit, x-change module, x-cm, water management system, DD WMS-100

Right tool for the job

Check out our full range of diamond coring tools for both light and heavy duty applications.

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water management system, wet coring, wet drilling, clean job site, DD WMS-100

Constant water supply and a clean jobsite during drilling

Complete your kit with the new revolutionary water management system, the DD-WMS 100.

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Hilti Core Barrel Selection

Chose which colour is right for you.

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