Different Hilti cordless tools being used in three different applications

Improve workflow productivity with cordless

Full flexibility meets corded-level performance

Designed to increase your productivity and jobsite safety, our cordless tools offer outstanding power and agility without the hassle and hazards of a cord. Save time and money by doing more in less time now.

What is workflow productivity?

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End-to-end solutions for faster workflows

Staying productive isn’t always easy. Unplanned costs, inefficient processes and a shortage of skilled labor can all lead to project delays. Outdated methods and equipment could be holding you back from meeting project deadlines and taking on more work. 

Hilti provides you assistance to speed up your construction workflows, reducing downtime and avoiding rework with high-performing tools. With Hilti cordless, you can see the benefits of using our cutting-edge tools and how it fits with your trade applications.


Benefits of going cordless with Hilti

Icon representing a charger charging a 22V and 36V battery

Optimized tool park

One charger works for all your 22V and 36V batteries. For 12V, just add an adapter. Convenient and cost-effective.

Speedometer with needle pointing to high to show high performance

Excellent performance

Corded-level performance meets the full flexibility and advantages of cordless. Plus a 9.0A fast charger.

Shield and arrow pointing upward to show safety

Enhanced jobsite safety

Reduce jobsite hazards by going cordless and make your jobsite a safer place to work.

Table with arrow showing upward trend to representing increased productivity

Greater productivity

With no time lost to searching for electrical outlets, you accomplish more each day.


Dollar signs and an arrow pointing down, standing for cost efficiency

Lowest cost of ownership

Our best-in-class tool repair service with free battery replacement – plus quick, hassle-free turnaround.

Ribbon with a tool in centre, standing for a range of extra services

On-top services

Boost your business with our fleet management and optimized tool park services, and Make It Fit selector.


Speed up workflow productivity with cordless

No matter the application, we have the solution to help improve your workflow

Click on the download links below to find out how Hilti can help you improve the workflow productivity of your application.


Reduce time spent on wall connections, slabs, beams, foundations and more in a typical building project

Download now


Increase speed of installation for steel-to-concrete connections such as beams or columns and while ensuring safety

Download now


Innovative solutions for cutting, grinding, polishing or preparing steel in a fabrication workshop to help you reduce cost on small tools 


Increase productivity of overhead applications for any mechanical or electrical support with our full end to end solution

Download now


Increase speed and reduce cost with end to end savings at every step of the electrical application


Reduce cost and increase speed on applications such as structural joints, splices and overlays in bridge, road or tunnel projects

Download now

Peripherals to get the job done

Hilti battery on cordless tool, gloved hand moves the tool's dial

Batteries made for the extremes

Our lightweight lithium-ion batteries withstand the extreme conditions common to jobsites – from shock to below-zero temperatures. Protected by a fiberglass reinforced plastic case, quick charging and long lasting, they help ensure your tools are ready to work whenever you need them.

Explore batteries
Hilti charger charges a battery on a job site

A charger for every need

Decrease your downtime and increase your productivity with chargers that add power to a battery in as little as 35 minutes. Whether you want a fast charger, a multi-bay charger, or a compact model, our selection helps your crew make the most out of each workday.

Explore chargers

Customer voices on cordless

  • “I only have good things to say about it.”

    Many of our customers have made the switch to cordless and never looked back. Don't take our word for it – watch the video to hear the advantages of going cordless first-hand.

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