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Hilti HAC cast-in anchor channels
Hilti HAC cast-in anchor channels

Our Hilti HAC anchor channel is a new generation of cast-in anchor system used in concrete structures for reliable load transfers.

  • It allows smoother load distribution, easier installation and comes in different lengths.
  • Innovative V-form allows smooth load distribution around the channel profile and helps prevent air pockets and concrete voids underneath the channel.
  • Protective foam insert (LDPE) and end caps seal the channel effectively, helping to prevent concrete slurry entering the channel. The end-caps also support the user to install t-bolts in a safe position with offset to the channel-end.
  • Foam insert features a tear-out strip for fastest removal ensuring to integrity and high quality of galvanization (avoiding damage to the galvanization through use of screw drivers, hammers or gas torches).
  • The same t-bolts fit all our Hilti channels HAC-40 to HAC-70.
  • HAC-30 is designed to fit the modular Hilti MQ framing system. The MQ framing system can be directly inserted into HAC-30 channels. The use of additional threaded couplers and working time can be avoided.
  • Hilti HAC anchor channels are manufactured in five different standard profiles in lengths up to 5 800 mm (19 feet).


US codes and regulations:

  • Approved performance in all directions, ESR-3520 including longitudinal loads and 3D seismic.
  • First ICC-ES report for anchor channel systems for all load directions and seismic design categories A-F.
  • In accordance with AC232, the state-of-the-art standard for cast-in channel design.
  • All sizes of our Hilti HAC-40 to HAC-70 are qualified for seismic loading.
  • Two qualified methods to choose from to transfer shear loads acting in the direction of the longitudinal channel axis.
  • Includes normal weight concrete as well as all lightweight and sand-lightweight concrete.
  • Compliance with International Building Code (IBC) 2015, 2012, 2009 and 2006.
  • Compliance with International Residential Code (IRC) 2015, 2012, 2009 and 2006.
  • Compliance with Abu Dhabi International Building Code (ADIBC).

European codes and regulations:

  • Approved by the European Technical Assessment.
  • Complies with EOTA TR047, ready for new EN 1992-4, latest state of the art in design code.
  • Approved for 2D static and quasi-static loading, fatigue loading, and fire exposure.


If you need help with design, work with Hilti engineering experts – please contact your local Hilti team.

You can also use our Hilti PROFIS Anchor Channel design software, which

  • Allows you to design using our own Hilti design method to create applications beyond international codes, or choose to design according to a wide range of international codes
  • Includes mechanical and chemical adhesive anchors
  • Includes cast-in-place and post-installed anchors
  • Links to our Hilti BIM/CAD library



Hilti PROFIS Anchor software

Hilti PROFIS Anchor

Our Hilti PROFIS Anchor software include a feature to design your anchor systems specifically for cracked concrete.

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Seismic Design

Anchor design for seismic areas needs its own specific design solutions. Find out more from our Hilti Seismic Design Guidelines.

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