Hilti New Zealand Price Increase Update - Jan 2024

Price Increase - 2024

Nov 30th 2023,

Dear Valued Customer,

On behalf of Hilti, I would like to thank you for your business and appreciate the opportunity to work with you this year.

The current market conditions, especially here in New Zealand, have been highly uncertain. This has significantly impacted our industry, leading to persistent challenges made worse by global instability. Factors, such as sustained inflationary pressures, currency fluctuations, and the depreciation of the NZD, alongside the ongoing volatility in raw material and transportation costs, have significantly escalated our operational expenses over the past year.

We value our partnership and have been trying to balance out those increases thus far but given the continued pressure, Hilti is no longer in a position to maintain the current price structure and hence we need to revise our prices with effect from January 1, 2024, given that various product groups are impacted to different degrees, our list price increases are carefully adjusted at the product level, with an average price increase of 9.8% including ON!Track Hardware, Profis Engineering License fee, repair and spare parts.

Increases by product category:


Product Category

% Increase



Power Tools & Accessories       


Measuring Systems      




Fire Protection 


Installation Systems     


Screw Fastening          


Direct Fastening           


Spare parts      


ON!Track Hardware      


ON!Track Hardware      


Profis Engineering License Fee          


Tool repair services labour        


We understand that also you and the entire industry are facing many challenges, but we are confident that our industry-leading innovative, safe, and productive Hilti solutions can help secure your competitive advantage.

Should you have any questions or need further information, please do not hesitate to contact your dedicated Hilti Account Manager or me directly at Ross.Buchanan@Hilti.com

We trust that you understand this decision and we always remain absolutely committed to our ongoing partnership with you.

Yours faithfully,

Ross Buchanan

General Manager

Hilti New Zealand Ltd 

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