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With work health and safety regulations becoming stricter day by day, it is crucial to stay up to date. ON!Track Asset Management enables you to always be one step ahead in keeping your jobsite and people safe. 

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Fatalities this year have involved vehicles, building sites, work on roads and bridge construction

Construction sites are full of hazards. Latest figures from WorkSafe state that fatalities in Construction in New Zealand are at a 10 year high. From Janaury until June 2019 eleven people have died while working in the construction sector in New Zeland. 

we might be at the edge of a Silicosis epidemic which could be worse than asbestos

A single human life lost is one too many, especially in our fast-moving industry known to be one in which time pressures are the norm, the number of workers is increasing and the demands to complete projects on time are relentless. 

These tragic events represent only the tip of the iceberg. To make things worse, workers health checks, compensation claims, legal expenses, jobsite downtime, injury-related absences, time spent managing turnover, penalties and fines for having outdated certificates and documentations, etc. can put businesses open to some serious financial and legal issues.

what questions should be asked then?

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  • How can you prevent these injuries and fatalities from occurring?
  • How can you ensure your team on the ground is using safe equipment in the short and long term
  • How can you efficiently maintain all these legal documentations in one place?

With the introduction of increasingly sophisticated technology that is available now to manage all these issues, the time for excuses is over!

our solution to your questions

In late 2017, we launched ON!Track, a cloud based Asset Management Solution that combines software and hardware to make a practical and easy to use tool that will help with transparency and accountability.

Check whether your equipment is operational

Set up service alerts to proactively maintain the safety of your equipment

Store all your certificates and instruction manuals digitally

ON!Track Asset Management

ON!Track Asset Management Solution

ON!Track asset management system to track your tools, equipment and certificates on your jobsites, wherever they are

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