Improving chemical anchor dispensing

Using a Hilti electric cordless chemical dispenser can improve both productivity and reliability

HDE cordless dispenser

The majority of chemical anchor injection for post-installed rebar or anchor rod elements is done with manual, trigger-pull dispensers. This gives rise to a number of problems. The user often doesn’t remember how many trigger pulls they need for the fastening so they either over-fill or under-fill the hole. Neither scenario it good. If you over-fill a hole, it will lead to wastage, if you underfill a hole there is a chance that the rebar or anchor won’t hold the load it was designed to.

HDE cordless dispenser

Another issue is that when you stop squeezing a manual trigger, you have to release the piston that applies pressure to the tube of chemical so it stops squeezing product out. In practice, people only remember to do this once they see the nozzle still dripping. Yes, that dripping adds up to a lot of chemical wastage over time.

The Hilti HDE electric dispenser eliminates all of these problems. You can set the number of trigger pulls required on a dial and the piston auto-releases to prevent wastage. Also, because the dispenser is powered, you get a reduction in worker fatigue which gives you increased productivity.

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