BX 3 02 Cordless direct-fastening tool

Next generation in cordless direct-fastening

With the new smart BX 3 cordless direct-fastening tool

Speed matters

We thought the GX 3 was great but now having the same speed of install without the hassle of gas really makes the difference for us on-site

For track fastening, whether it’s for drywallers or fixing track for permanent forms, speed matters - especially when you are paid by the metre! 

That's why we've designed our new BX 3 Generation 02 tool to match the natural speed and rhythm of a drywall contractor and improved the stick rate of our nails to keep you working and reduce wastage.

What's more, the BX 3 02 is gas free and entirely powered by our industry leading 22 V batteries - so there's no more hassle with disposing of empty gas cans on-site and you can use the same battery with your other Hilti 22 V tools.

And it gets even better, the new tool is smart! 

See the bx 3 in action!

Gas-free - no more hassle

Frustrated with constantly having to change gas and cartridges but love the power and speed of direct fastening? We’re always looking to make your job easier.
Our tool is virtually dust-free and quiet, making it suitable for daytime use during business hours. The short stroke, low recoil and fewer nail jams help to ensure that your work is hassle-free.

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