Hilti VC 5-A22 vacuum cleaner


The VC 5-A22 compact cordless dry vacuum combines strong performance with great jobsite mobility

A lightweight and cordless vacuum cleaner for professionals, the VC 5-A22 has an integrated shoulder strap, is easy to handle, comfortable to carry and perfect for cleaning your work area or keeping your van tidy.

Suitable for a broad range of materials

Wood dust removal with the VC 5-A22

Wood dust

Concrete dust removal with the VC 5-A22

Concrete dust

Metal dust removal with the VC 5-A22

Metal dust

Metal dust removal with the VC 5-A22


Easy to clean filter with the VC 5-A22

Filter cleaning

Filter can be cleaned at the push of a button ensuring uninterrupted suction power.

Eco mode on the VC 5-A22 increases runtime

ECO mode constant performance

When set in ECO mode, constant performance is enabled for up to 40 minutes.

Cordless mobility with the VC 5-A22

Cordless mobility

Cordless mobility with a handy shoulder strap and extra long hose.

The VC 5-A22 has a compact and lightweight design

Compact and lightweight

It's compact size makes it easy to store and to carry.

The Hilti VC 5-A22 cordless vacuum cleaner

Preventing dust and debries increases jobsite safety

Dust is an establised health and safety risk in the construction industry, and the use of vacuum cleaners helps to improve working conditions for workers. The VC 5 A-22 is a compact and cordless dry vacuum cleaner for professionals which can be used for a range of cleaning and dust extraction applications.

The Hilti advantage

Weighing in at only 4.3-kilograms and with an integrated shoulder strap, the VC 5-A22 is easy to handle, comfortable to carry and can be easily stored during transportation, taking up little space. With a 2.5-meter flexible hose and two additional head attachments the VC 5-A22 can easily access hard-to-reach work areas while the 5-liter tank capacity and operation with or without a filter bag means the VC 5-A22 is ready whenever you need it.

Giving you the performance your business requires, the Hilti VC 5-A22 dry vacuum cleaner offers:

  • Best in class suction power expanding the range of cleaning and dust extraction jobs.
  • ECO mode enables constant performance for up to 40 minutes.
  • Filter cleaning at the push of a button ensures uninterrupted suction power.

The VC 5-A22 is fully compatible with our 22 volt battery platform, and for the greatest power range we recommend using the tool with our B 22 5.2 battery pack.

Discover more about the VC 5-A22

Discover more about the VC 5-A22

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Replacement hose for the VC 5-A22

Replacement hose

Available in different lengths so you can connect an assortment of brushes to simplify cleaning.

Dust bag for the VC 5-A22

Dust bags

Tear-resistant and suitable for dry applications, give virtually dustless recycling and emptying.

VC 5-A22 filter for dry applications

Standard and HEPA filters

Suitable for dry applications, Hilti filters for the VC 5-A22 have a 99.9% efficiency rating.

An assortment of brushes for the VC 5-A22

Specialised nozzles

An assortment of brushes that help to simplify cleaning on floors and in small spaces.

VC 5 Accessory kit

Accessory kit

Vacuum cleaner accessories for a comprehensive range of applications.

Backpack for VC 5

Backpack for VC 5 vaccum cleaner. 

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