Make the cut with one hand

The SR 2-A12 reciprocating saw gives you fast and smooth cutting from a light, cordless tool

The compact and ergonomic design, powerful brushless motor and broad range of cutting blades, give you the Hilti performance you can depend on.

Suitable for a range of materials




Gypsum board

The SR 2-A12 sets the benchmark for light-duty demolition work

One-handed operation

The low weight and balanced design makes it easier for one- or two- handed cuts which is ideal when cutting overhead or keeping a grip on materials.

Compact and balanced design

The small body and ergonomic design of the SR 2-A12 helps reduce fatigue when working overhead, cutting in tight spaces or cluttered assemblies.

Fast and smooth cutting

Powerful enough to cut through wood, metal, plastics and composite materials, the brushless motor and Hilti 12V batteries give you performance you can depend upon.

Variable speed trigger and fast blade stop

A variable-speed trigger and fast-acting blade stop mean you can cut faster while keeping the saw under control, contributing to additional safety on the job. 

Choosing the right power to performance ratio

Many professionals see reciprocating saws as the ideal solution for heavy-duty applications where high power lets you slice through tough materials. But when you need to reach into tight spaces or cut overhead, the size and weight of traditional reciprocating saws can mean sacrificing productivity or worse, reducing safety.

Why a 12V reciprocating saw?

As the power of cordless tools increases, so too does the range of applications they can take over from corded versions. A prime example is serial cutting of wood, metal, plastic or gypsum board, applications where user fatigue can be a major issue with heavier tools - especially on overhead jobs or cutting at difficult angles. Opting for a smaller and lighter 12V reciprocating saw can offer a real competitive advantage.

The Hilti advantage

The compact body of the SR 2-A12 reciprocating saws means it fits into tighter spaces than bigger alternatives, and is easier to carry between locations for use in different applications, while the optional hook adds convenience when you're not using the tool.

The low weight and balanced design mean you can cut either one- or two- handed, and the variable-speed trigger, front-mounted LED and fast blade stop feature offer you controlled cutting and contribute to additional safety on the jobsite.

With a powerful brushless motor paired with the B12 2.6 Ah  or B12 4.0 AH battery and a broad range of cutting blades for metal, wood or demolition tasks, you are assured of Hilti performance for all your light-duty cutting work. 

See the broad range of uses for the SR 2-A12

See the broad range of uses for the SR 2-A12 reciprocating saw

Choose the battery that's right for you

Compact B12 2.6

For a broad range of applications, from measuring to screw fastening and light-duty drilling, the compact B12 2.6 battery offers the ideal balance between weight and size.

Buy the B12 2.6 now

Compact and powerful B12 4.0

For all-round performance, the new B12 4.0 has a higher power output that gives 50% more reach than the B12 2.6 while retaining the advantages of compact size and low weight.

Buy the B12 4.0 now

Hilti 6-inch saw blades for cutting metal, wood and multi-purpose applications

Basic thin metal cutting blade

Basic reciprocating saw blade for economical cutting of 1-4 mm thick metal.

Premium cutting in wood which contains metal

Premium saw blade for demolishing wood containing nails – strong in metal, fast in wood.

Basic multipurpose cutting blade

Basic multi-purpose saw blade for cutting metal, wood and other materials.


Services to keep you performing

Unforeseen or hidden factors like lost or damaged tools and repair costs can lead to serious productivity issues on the jobsite.

Our service offerings help you avoid these additional costs and keep you working.


Whether you’re equipping your team for an upcoming project or just adding a new cordless tool, we’ve made it easier to make sure you get exactly what you need.  

The Build your own configurator lets you choose any combination of tools from our cordless portfolio, providing recommendations for batteries, chargers and inserts


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