Suitable for a broad range of materials

SF 6(H)-A22 for working with wood


SF 6(H)-A22 for working with metal


SF 6(H)-A22 for working with drywall


SF 6(H)-A22 for working with masonry

Masonry (SF 6H-A22)

Precision drilling with the SF 6 (H)-A22

Powerful and precise drilling

For wood, metal, drywall and masonry, the SF 6H-A22 gives you the power to drive screws and bolts without damaging your base material. 

The SF 6(H)-A22 uses a brushless motor

Brushless Motor

The new Hilti brushless motor powering the SF 6H-A22 provides you with 20% more performance and work per battery charge.

The SF 6(H)-A22 includes Active Torque Control

Active Torque Control (ATC)

Inserts binding or jamming may cause accidents and Hilti ATC quickly prevents the tool from over-rotating – protecting your team and improving jobsite safety.

The SF 6 (H)-A22 uses an electric clutch giving a longer life

Electric slip clutch for a longer life

An electronic slip clutch avoids over-tightened screws and reduces wear on your tool so you can enjoy a longer life for your Hilti drill driver and hammer drill.

High performance drilling with the SF 6(H)-A22

Fast and easy drilling

Flexible to use with a wide range of diameter bits, the SF 6H-A22 can quickly and smoothly drill through a broad variety of materials. 

The SF 6-A22 and SF 6H-A22 is compatible with the full range of 22V tools

22V battery compatibility

The SF 6H-A22 both works with all Hilti B22 batteries which means that your tools form part of a growing platform of 22V power tools for professionals.

High performance hammer drilling into masonry with the SF 6H-A22

High-performance hammer drilling

The SF 6H-A22 hammer drill lets you drill through masonry and light concrete, so whether its drilling pilot holes or using hole saws we have your needs covered.

The SF 6-A22 and SF 6H-A22 have a compact and balanced design

Compact and balanced design

The small body and ergonomic design help to improve handling for drilling and driving. The slim barrel grip makes it easier to hold and control when working with woods, metals and masonry.

Introducing the SF 6-A22 and SF 6H-A22

Choice without compromise

Drill drivers are one of the most commonly used cordless power tools on the jobsite. They are versatile and powerful, giving workers the ability to drill holes or drive screws into wood and metal, while hammer drills give you the ability to drill holes and drive screws into concrete and masonry.

However, it wasn't so long ago that there was a limited selection of power drill drivers to choose from. But with the vastly different applications for which drill drivers are used, you need to have a choice of power classes and features available to you. Key features to look out for are:

Battery system. For professional users, 22V batteries have enough power to bore big holes for applications such as framing lumber, drilling through masonry or driving large spax screws into timber.

Electric clutch. Designed to disengage the drive shaft of the drill when a preset resistance level is reached, it stops the stripping of screw heads and protects the motor when a lot of resistance is met.

Speed control. The combination of a two-position slide switch or trigger lets you select high or low speed gears, with the low speed being suited to driving screws and high speed ideal for drilling holes.

The Hilti advantage

At Hilti we offer a wide range of drill drivers that vary in size and performance to ensure that you have the right tool for the job. The SF 6H-A22 is a Power Class tool which means it provides you with a great power-to-size ratio for a broad variety of applications and includes Hilti’s unique Active Torque Control (ATC) to offer additional protection against kickback. 

The tool comes with a brushless motor which provides up to 65 Nm of soft joint torque and a maximum no-load RPM of 2000 in the 2nd gear – combined you get top-of-class application speeds for high productivity. So whether you are drilling pilot holes in steel or large-diameter through-holes in wood, you have the power and versatility to perform a variety of drilling and driving tasks. 

Pair the SF 6H-A22 with our wide range of inserts for optimal performance

Wood spade bits

Wood Spade Bits

WDS-B Wood Spade bits provide a self-feeding tip with an innovative design to quickly drill shallow holes in wood.

High Speed Steel (HSS) Drill Bits

High Speed Steel (HSS) Drill Bits

Choose between Standard (rolled), Premium (ground) or Ultimate (cobalt) options to meet your performance needs.

Masonry Drill Bits

Masonry Drill Bits

MDB Masonry bits are designed to work especially with hammer drill drivers like the SF 6H-A22 for drilling in masonry and light concrete.

Hole Saws

Hole Saws

BiMetal, MultiCut, and Carbide hole saws cut through-holes in a variety of materials and provide a quick release chuck for painless changes.

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Unforeseen or hidden factors like lost or damaged tools and repair costs can lead to serious productivity issues on the jobsite.

Our service offerings help you avoid these additional costs and keep you working.

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