Hilti portfolio of drill drivers and hammer drills


With the perfect balance between power, weight and size you have choice without compromise

With a choice of tools to complete any task, from installation in tight spaces to undertaking the most demanding applications, you can rely upon us without compromising on performance.

For when you need power, and don't want to compromise on performance.

From brushless motors which provide smoother and quieter operation, an extensive range of inserts for drilling, sawing and screw fastening that help increase productivity, to a redesigned ergonomic shape and LED lights giving a brighter and shadowless view, our range of cordless drill drivers and hammer drills are designed to match your needs.

So, whether it's light-duty installation or heavy-duty drilling and driving, you have Choice without Compromise

More than just tools, we provide a full solution

Tool technologies

Did you know that the technologies inside our drill drivers and hammer drills have been designed to protect workers and improve comfort to let you work throughout the day?

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Inserts and accessories

Choosing the right drill bit for a job is normally easy. But what do you do when you have non-standard screws, tough materials or limited space to work in?

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Tool Services

When you buy a Hilti tool, you get more than just a tool. We’ll repair your Hilti tool within 3 days or else the repair is free. As part of the service we’ll clean it for you too!

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Sub-compact class

Sub-compact class

Maximum compactness

The SF 2-A12 and SFD 2-A12 drill drivers are compact and lightweight choice for working overhead or in cramped spaces.

Compact class

Compact class

Compact power

The SFC 22-A is a versatile drill driver that is engineered to help you power through most everyday drilling and driving tasks.

Power class

Power class

Universal power

The SF 6H-A22 tools has high torque and flexibility, built to get you through long days of demanding construction work.

Ultimate class

Ultimate class

Ultimate power

The SF 8M-A22 and SF 10W-A22 provide you with corded performance for specialist metal and wood working applications.

View the full range of Drill Drivers and Hammer Drills

SF 2-A12 drill driver

SF 2-A12

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SFD 2-A12 screwdriver

SFD 2-A12

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SFC 22-A drill driver

SFC 22-A

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SF 6H-A22 hammer drill driver

SF 6H-A22

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SF 8M-A22 hammer drill driver

SF 8M-A22

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SF 10W-A22 drill driver

SF 10W-A22 ATC

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Six reasons for choosing a Hilti drill driver

The right size for each task

1. The right size for each task

Size does matter, and when you're working overhead or in tight spaces you want tools that are fit for the job. Our range of drill drivers do not compromise on performance, at any size.

A balance of power and comfort

2. Balance of power and comfort

Weight affects how long you can comfortably hold a tool, and our range of drill drivers let you choose between the compact and light SF 2-A12 or the heavier, but more powerful SF 10W-A22.

Performance for every task

3. Performance for every task

Different levels of power are required to drive screws into drywalls, holes through metal or bolts into timber, and each of our drill drivers give you the right power for each application.

The right safety features

4. Combination of safety features

Businesses need to protect their greatest assets: the people. That's why many of our drill drivers feature Active Torque Control (ATC) to reduce the likelihood of injuries.

Ergonomics to match the job

5. Ergonomics to match the job

Each tool has been designed to provide an impressive balance of performance, comfort and efficiency to give you the choice of drill drivers that work at the highest level.

The right fit for your business

6. The right fit for your business

We believe you need the right tools that fit your business, today and tomorrow. That's why our range of drill drivers let you cover the broadest range of applications, easily.

Helping you with your daily business


Services to keep you performing

Unforeseen or hidden factors like lost or damaged tools and repair costs can lead to serious productivity issues on the jobsite.

Our service offerings help you avoid these additional costs and keep you working.

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