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Hilti Webinars


Hilti Technical Webinars For Engineers

Our experienced team of engineers offer a variety of online presentations to keep you up to date with what’s happening in the construction design world.

Whether it’s an introduction to the fundamentals of anchor code specifications or an in-depth discussion on how to properly firestop an opening with building service penetrations, our webinars are designed to deliver relevant learning outcomes to engineers, architects, and specifiers across all facets of construction.

Our online presentations are held on a regular basis with the below upcoming topics and dates currently available. Register by simply clicking on the relevant link for the webinar of your choice. 

Upcoming dates

  • Start : 12:00 NZST End : 13:00 NZST

    Hilti Solution Systems for Façade Applications

    In our November Webinar we will discuss Hilti’s Solution systems for Façade applications including cast-in and mechanical anchoring solutions. We will look at the fixing details for both mechanical anchors and cast-in solutions, as well as what codes to follow, and how to easily perform the required calculations. Following that, we will also look at the instillation process of cast-in anchoring systems, with special mention of the useful features of the Hilti system which facilitate accurate and effective instillation of the final product.

    Register here

Our Presenters

Ahmed Kamuna joined Hilti in June 2015 and is currently Engineering manager at Hilti New Zealand.

Prior to this, Ahmed carried out multiple roles from Structural Design to Technical Management. Ahmed holds a Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering and an MS.c & Ph.D degrees in Structural Engineering.

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