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Measuring Systems Accessories

PA 921 Crank Tripod

Height adjustable crank tripod (0.73 to 1.63 m) with 5/8" thread, built-in bubble level for quick, easy setup. The PA 921 is most frequently encountered in interior finishing & perfect for transferring benchmarks (datum marks).

PA 940 Tripod Head

Tripod head with 1/4" thread mounting for PA 920, PA 930 and PA 931.

PDA 50 Target Plate

Increase measuring range over long distances and in unfavourable lighting conditions. Size: 130 x 120 mm.

PDA 52 Target Plate

Increase measuring range over long distances and in unfavourable lighting conditions. Size: 296 x 210 mm.

PDA 65 Soft Pouch

A protective soft puch suitable for PD40 and PD42.

PDA 71 Measuring Extension

Extension for convenient measuring from floors to ceilings and from difficult to reach locations. To use with PD 40/ PD 42.

PMA 25 Frame Clamp

Universal clamp used to secure mount and adpater.

PMA 31 Receiver

Increases the visibility of the PMC 46 Full Solution for rapid and simple leveling and alignment.

PMA 54 Target Plate

PMA 54 Target Plate which increases measuring range over long distances.

PMA 74 Magnetic Bracket

Magnetic brakcet used to fasten PMx tools on magnetic surfaces.

PMA 78 Universal Adapter

The universal adapter for mounting the PMx 4x generation combines a number of functions in one practical accessory.

PRA 2 Remote Control

For the remote control of the PRI 2 at distances of up to 30 m.

PRA 75 Laser Receiver Holder

For attaching the PRA 20 and PRA 25 detector to the PA 951 measuring staff or other another staff.

PRA 80 Laser Receiver

For mounting the PRA 30 laser receiver on the PUA 50 telescopic staff or other measuring staffs.

PRA 801 Battery Pack

Rechargeable Ni-MH battery pack, for PR 26, PR 25 IF, PR 25 and PR 20 rotating lasers.

PRA 84 Li-Ion Battery Pack

Rechargeable Li-ion (CPC) battery pack for the PRE 3 rotating laser.

PUA 10 Telescopic Brace

For use with both PMA 71 wall mount and PMA 70 pipe adapter. Adjustable length 1.35 to 2.80 m (4 ft 5" to 9 ft 5").

PUA 40 Tripod Bag

The perfect bag to carry tripods and leveling staffs.

PUA 50 Measuring Rod

Made out of Aluminum and adjustable in height from 0.88 – 4 m. Equiped with a magnetic nail holder at the base of the staff for setting nails into formwork.

PUA 60 Visibility Glasses

The PUA 60 Visibility Glasses improve the laser visibility significantly.

PUA 20 Tripod

The PUA 20 Tripod (with 5/8" Thread) is the type most frequently encountered on construction sites. The PUA 20 Tripod has a self-locking mechanism to hold the legs together when in transit.

PRA 22 Laser Receiver

PRA 22 Laser Receiver for use with the PRI 2.

PRA 70 Wall Mount Bracket

For mounting Hilti rotating lasers to walls, tripods, columns or studs.

PRA 78 Slope Adapter

For manual slopes between 1° and 45°. Use with the PR 20, PRE 3 and PR 25.

PRA 86 Car Battery Charger

Adapter for recharging the battery pack of PRE 3 and PRM 15 in your motor vehicle.


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